The Pulse of the Earth

Raphael Thelen and Theresa Leisgang are collaborating on a project called Pulse Of The Earth. They have travelled through Southern Africa, Europe and towards the Arctic Circle to examine how communities deal with the impact of the climate crisis. During their meetings with social-entrepreneurs, feminists, psychonauts, critical thinkers, politicians and activists, while living in community houses, squatted forests and with indigenous people, they learnt one thing time and again: community is not only making us more resilient, it is also the solution to many of our most urgent challenges.

The book „Pulse of the Earth“ will be published in Germany in Autumn 2021

Theresa Leisgang lives her life at the intersection of local practices and global structures. She explores the connections between transculturality and climate crisis, agriculture and biodiversity-loss, indigenous knowledge and imperialism.

Whether she researches how oil companies exploit the people of the Amazon, works on board of civil rescue ships in the Mediterranean or develops PR strategies for public figures like Carola Rackete – to her all these Missions are aspects of the same quest: a meaningful life for all on our shared planet.

Raphael Thelen lives and works at the fault lines of our global society, where our conflicts and aspirations are thrown into their sharpest relief, where the boundaries between personal and political blur.

He observed first-hand the 2011 Liberation struggle of the people in Egypt, Lybia and Syria, accompanied refugees crossing the Balkans, wrote about the crumbling dreams of today’s Eastern Germany.

His writing has appeared in all major German Magazines. Currently he is finishing his second book. He writes not only as a Spectator, but as someone who hopes to change the conditions he finds.